Rudy's Room After Show: Rude Rangers TV

Check out Daniel and Kiyaya 'Klaus' on this After Show of Rudy's Room - 11/13/19

Rudy's Room: Rude Rangers TV

Check Daniel and Kiyaya out on this Episode of Rudy's Room After Show - 09/18/2019

Daniel and Kiyaya and Rudy's Room - Season 3, Episode 13 - "The One with Wigs, Wolves, and Wackiness." - 09/18/2019

Here's Daniel celebrating the 1 year anniversary of STITCHINGwolf Art & Designs on Rudy's Room - unveiling the first of a one-of-kind option coming soon to subscribers of Rude Rangers TV on Roku! - Season 2, Episode 17 - " The One with Wolves and Jabs."